98-0015 Proceedings of the U.S.-Italy Workshop on Seismic Protective Systems for Bridges Edited by I.M. Friedland, M.C.Constantinou 1998 MCEER, University at Buffalo 474 PB2000-101711 0 This report presents the proceedings of the US-Italy Workshop on Seismic Protective Systems for Bridges, which was held at Columbia University, New York, NY on April 27 and 28, 1998. The workshop consisted of presentations of 13 US and 11 Italian papers which focused on research and the application of seismic protective systems for bridges, and the state-of-the- art and practice in bridge seismic isolation and energy dissipation in the two countries. Presentations were also made on the related subjects of: active control systems; the use of other advanced technologies for improving the seismic performance of bridges including the use of composites and rocking-column concepts; and the development of bridge fragility cures applicable to the performance of bridges with protective systems. Bridges. State-of-the-art. Italy. United States. Active control. Seismic protection. Seismic isolation. Seismic response. Energy dissipation. Seismic performance. Composite. Rocking-columns. Fragility curves. Protective systems. Shape memory alloys. Railway bridges. Large span bridges. Medium span bridges.