94-0018 3D-BASIS-TABS Version 2.0: Computer Program for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Three Dimensional Base Isolated Structures A.M. Reinhorn, S. Nagarajaiah, M.C. Constantinou, P. Tsopelas and R. Li 1994 University of Missouri at Rolla and University at Buffalo 168 PB95-182176 15 This report describes the development of computer program 3D-BASIS-TABS, Version 2.0. The new program is an enhanced version of 3D-BASIS-TABS. The report should be viewed as a continuation and addition to previous reports NCEER-93-0011 and NCEER-91-0005. The enhancements that are documented in this report include: 1) addition of new isolation elements; 2) models of nonlinear dampers and other hysteretic elements; 3) additional verification; 4) addition of several new example problems; 5) new input/output format for easier usage; and 6) updated user's manual.<BR> 3D-BASIS-TABS, Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, Base Isolated Structures, Three-Dimensional Analysis, and Computer Program.