91-0011 Dynamic Characteristics of a Full-sized Five-story Steel Structure and a 2/5 Scale Model K.C.Chang, G.C.Yao, G.C.Lee, D.S.Hao, Y.C.Yeh 1991 University at Buffalo and Beijing Polytechnic University 112 PB93-116648 15 In this report, the dynamic characteristics of a full-size five-story steel prototype structure and a 2/5 scale laboratory model are compared and correlated. The prototype structure was built in Beijing, China and the laboratory model was built in the seismic laboratory at the University at Buffalo. The design and manufacture of both the prototype structure and the model are described. The test program was carried out by performing experimental system identification tests on both the prototype structure and the laboratory model. The basic structural properties of both structures were identified, and it is shown that the model structure can suitably simulate the dynamic behavior of the prototype. Full Scale Tests, Shaking Table Tests, Embedment Depth, Bracing Systems, Scale Model Tests, Damage Evaluation, Correlation Studies, Foundations, Soil Structure Interaction, Energy Absorption Devices, Steel Frames, and Rigidity.