90-0020 Experimental Study and Analytical Prediction of Earthquake Response of a Sliding Isolation System with a Spherical Surface A.S. Mokha, M.C. Constantinou and A.M. Reinhorn 1990 University at Buffalo 112 PB91-125419 15 This report describes the results of an experimental study of the behavior of a sliding isolation system with a spherical surface installed in a flexible structure with large aspect ratio. A series of shake table tests was conducted and the results show a marked increase in the capacity of the structure to withstand earthquake forces, while undamaged, in comparison to the conventionally founded structure. Analytical techniques are used to predict the dynamic response of the system and the obtained results are in very good agreement with the experimental results. Passive Protective Systems, Bearings, Sliding Isolation Systems, Shake Table Tests, Structural Response, Seismic Performance, Friction Pendulum System, Teflon, and Techmet-B.