87-0028 Second-Year Program in Research, Education and Technology Transfer 1988 University at Buffalo 62 PB88-219480 10 The second-year research plan of the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) is presented. NCEER's six basic research programs are chiefly described. These are the programs on: 1) Existing structures, 2) Secondary and Protective systems, 3) Lifeline systems, 4) International Cooperative Research, 5) Disaster Research and Planning and, 6) Education and Technology Transfer. For each program, a brief overview, a summary of research projects or activities, long and short term goals and a list of principal investigators is given. Emphasized is the continuity of the undertakings anticipated for the second year with those of NCEER's first year. Collaborators from industry, consulting firms, government and academia are mentioned. Seismic hazards and liquefaction potential in the eastern United States, the performance of lightly reinforced concrete buildings, resonance effects for nonstructural secondary systems and the seismic performance of water delivery systems are examples of the engineering research which NCEER will perform. In addition, international cooperative programs which NCEER will support or continue to support are described, as are workshops, lectures, and conferences sponsored by NCEER as part of its Educational and Technology Transfer program. National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Research Programs - Seismic Hazard Assessment, International Cooperation, Technology Transfer, Disaster Planning, Lifelines, and Eastern United States - Seismicity.