93-0001 An Experimental Study on the Seismic Performance of Brick-Infilled Steel Frames With and Without Retrofit J.B.Mander, B.Nair, K.Wojtkowski, J.Ma 1993 University at Buffalo 148 PB93-227510 15 Experimental results are presented for three infill frame subassemblages. The specimens were constructed from bolted steel frames, infilled with clay brick masonry, and tested in-plane under quasi-static cyclic loading. Each specimen was either retrofitted or, following initial testing, repaired with a thin ferrocement overlay. Results showed that all specimens performed well up to interstory drifts of approximately 1.5%. The inclusion of ferrocement gave a marginal improvement in energy dissipation. Conclusions are drawn on the efficacy of ordinary brick or rehabilitated infills as seismic resisting elements.<BR> Brick Masonry Infill, Retrofitting, Infilled Frames, Energy Dissipation, Bolted Steel Frames, Experimental Tests, Ferrocement Jacketing, and Cyclic Loads.