93-0005 Proceedings from Earthquakes in the Northeast - Are We Ignoring the Hazard? A Workshop on Earthquake Science and Safety for Educators Edited by K.E.K.Ross 1993 University at Buffalo 174 PB94-103066 15 The 25 papers and presentations of this volume present a variety of approaches for improving the earthquake safety and preparedness of schools and school children, especially in the Northeastern United States. This regional emphasis is established by historical surveys of Northeastern seismicity, a presentation on earthquake loss analysis in Boston and its environs, and an account of the Massena, New York earthquake of 1944. Other presentations discuss earthquake preparedness activities within the school system of New York State. The remainder of the presentations and papers treat the integration of earthquake education materials into the curriculum, nonstructural hazards in the school building, earthquake emergency drills, and the psychological effects which young children and adolescents experience during and after earthquakes.<BR> Northeast United States, Elementary Education, Boston, Massachusetts, Disaster Planning, Earthquake Education, Nonstructural Hazards, Massena Center, New York Earthquake, 1944, Preparedness, Curriculum Materials, School Buildings, Drills, and Children.