95-0018 Modeling of Masonry Infill Panels for Structural Analysis A.M. Reinhorn, A. Madan, R.E. Valles, Y. Reichmann and J.B.Mander 1995 University at Buffalo 96 PB97-110886 10 A smooth hysteretic model based on an equivalent strut approach is proposed for masonry infill panels to be used in nonlinear analysis of building structures. The hysteretic model furnishes a versatile and robust simulation tool for representing masonry infill panels. The model, which is applicable for degrading ‘pinching’ elements in general, can be implemented to replicate a wide range of hysteretic force-displacement behavior resulting from different design and geometry by varying the control parameters of the model. The control parameters of the proposed hysteretic model can be determined using any suitable theoretical model for masonry infills. The report presents the development of the proposed hysteretic model. An available theoretical model for masonry infilled frames is recommended for estimating the control parameters of the proposed hysteretic rule. The methodology for calibrating the hysteretic model parameters is described. The hysteretic model is incorporated in the structural analysis program, IDARC2D Version 4.0, for quasi-static cyclic and dynamic analysis of masonry infilled frames. Simulations of experimental force-deformation behavior of prototype infill frame subassemblages are performed to validate the proposed model and presented herein. A lightly reinforced concrete frame structure is analyzed for strong ground motions to evaluate the influence of masonry infill panels on the response.<BR> Masonry Infill Panels, Nonlinear Response Analysis, Hysteretic Models, and Equivalent Strut Method.