98-MN02 Engineering and Socioeconomic Impacts of Earthquakes Edited by M.Shinozuka, A.Rose, R.Eguchi 1998 Various 212 PB99-130635 25 This monograph examines the potential effects of a repeat of the New Madrid earthquake to the metropolitan Memphis area. The authors developed a case study of the impact of such an event to the electric power system, and analyzed how this disruption would affect society. In nine chapters and 189 pages, the book is a first of its kind effort to develop and apply a multidisciplinary methodology that traces the impacts of catastrophic earthquakes through a curtailment of utility lifeline services to its host regional economy and beyond. The monographs's chapters include: Modeling the Memphis economy; Seismic performance of electric power systems; Spatial analysis techniques for linking physical damage to economic functions; Earthquake vulnerability and emergency preparedness among businesses; Direct economic impacts; Regional economic impacts; Socioeconomic and interregional impacts; Lifeline risk reduction; and finally, Public policy formulation and implementation. Memphis, Tennessee. Central United States. New Madrid Seismic Zone. Economic models. Seismic risk assessment. Loss estimation. Seismic performance. Electric power systems; Spatial analysis techniques. Indirect losses. Damage prediction. Earthquake vulnerability assessment. Preparedness. Business. Direct economic impacts. Regional economic impacts. Socioeconomic impacts. Interregional impacts. Lifeline. Public policy.