87-0001 First-Year Program in Research, Education and Technology Transfer 1987 University at Buffalo 52 PB88-134275 10 The goal of the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (NCEER) is to coordinate a team effort in the study of earthquake engineering which will substantially enhance the state-of-the-art. Current activities of the Center are directed toward: 1) Developing a coordinated and integrated approach to earthquake engineering research, focused on systems aspects of structures and lifelines. Initial emphasis is placed on earthquake hazard mitigation in the eastern United States, 2) Encouraging active participation from industry, consulting firms, government agencies and the international research community, 3) Establishing an information service, which provides a wide range of services for users from industry, government and academic institutions, 4) Developing a broadly based educational program in earthquake engineering, and 5) Planning workshops and conferences as a forum for exchange of ideas and information among workers and researchers in earthquake engineering. The first year programs were developed in accordance with these major objectives. This document presents a description of the activities accomplished in the first year of NCEER. Research Programs. Seismic Hazard Assessment. Ground Motion. Soil-Structure Interaction. Seismic Performance. International Cooperation. Computer Programs.