99-0020 Development of Measurement Capability for Micro-Vibration Evaluations with Application to Chip Fabrication Facilities G.C.Lee, Z.Liang, J.W.Song, J.D.Shen and W.C. Liu 1999 University at Buffalo 144 PB2000-105993 25 The research was performed to measure the ground vibration level at a site in West Seneca, NY to determine if the site was suitable for the fabrication of the second generation of IC chips (ChipFab). The site is located near a major expressway, a train thoroughfare, and an active mining operation. Measurements were taken between November 3-25, 1998 and included the following vibration sources: trains, ground traffic, blasts, and windy weather with heavy water waves in Lake Erie. The key issues involved: 1) the selection of suitable sensors with sufficient sensitivity, low measurement frequency and other appropriate qualifications; 2) the configuration of the measurement system setup (including calibration, acoustic isolation, and data acquisition); 3) procedures to ensure the signal pickup; and 4) development of appropriate methods for data analyses. The report also introduces the theoretical development for the relationship between frequency spectra and RMS values which can be adopted for a wide range of applications on interpretations of the data obtained from up-to-date data acquisition systems. (Adapted from authors' abstract). Chip fabrication facilities. Micro vibration measurements. Ground motion measurements. Electronic IC chip manufacturing facilities. Vibration sensors. Vibration criteria. Noise insulation. Ground vibration measurements. Semi conductor fabrication facilities.