87-0002 Experimental Evaluation of Instantaneous Optimal Algorithms for Structural Control R.C. Lin, T.T. Soong and A.M. Reinhorn 1987 University at Buffalo 68 PB88-134341 10 In a continuing effort to determine the feasibility of applying optimal control to building structures, a comprehensive experimental study was carried out using a standardized structural model under base excitation supplied by the Seismic Simulator at SUNY/Buffalo. Based upon computer simulated and experimental results, this report presents a comparison of efficiencies of several optimal control algorithms using instantaneous optimal criteria, including time delay compensation. All investigations were done under similar conditions to permit a systematic evaluation of efficiency. Comparisons were also made between analytical and experimental results and between instantaneous control algorithms and classical closed-loop linear feedback. Conclusions are drawn regarding relative merits of control algorithms considered under varying conditions Optimal Control, Seismic Simulation, Building Structures, Control Algorithms, Dynamic Loads, Structural Control, Seismic Excitation, Closed-Loop Control, Open-Loop Control, and Open-Closed-Loop Control.