94-0010 3D-BASIS-ME:Computer Program for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Seismically Isolated Single and Multiple Structures and Liquid Storage Tanks P.C.Tsopelas, M.C.Constantinou, A.M.Reinhorn 1994 University at Buffalo 212 PB94-204922 20 3D-BASIS-ME is a special purpose program for the nonlinear dynamic analysis of seismically isolated multiple buildings and liquid storage tanks. New features of this program, which do not exist in the currently available class of 3D-BASIS programs, are new elements for modeling hysteretic stiffening behavior, for modeling the behavior of spherical sliding isolation systems and for modeling linear and nonlinear viscous fluid dampers. Furthermore, the effects of vertical ground motion and overturning moment on the behavior of sliding bearings have been included.<BR> Computer Programs, 3D-BASIS-ME, Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, Multiple Buildings, Base Isolated Buildings, Liquid Storage Tanks, and Earthquake Engineering.