00-SP01 Research Progress and Accomplishments: 1999-2000 MCEER 2000 MCEER, University at Buffalo 144 PB2004-101676 5 This is a selection of papers chronicling technical achievements of the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research during 1999-2000. 11 papers are included in this collection: Modeling Earthquake Impact on Urban Lifeline Systems: Advances and Integration ; Development of Fragility Information for Structures and Nonstructural Components; Damage to Critical Facilities Following the 921 Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake; Highway Bridge Seismic Design: Summary of FHWA/MCEER Project on Seismic Vulnerability of New Highway Construction; Ground Motion Prediction Methodologies for Eastern North America; Fiber Reinforced Composites for Advanced Seismic Performance of Water Supplies; The Marmara, Turkey Earthquake: Using Advanced Technology to Conduct Earthquake Reconnaissance; Restoration Activities Following the Marmara, Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999; Human and Institutional Perspectives of the 921 Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake; Education and Educational Outreach: Using the Center Approach for Effective Knowledge Transfer Graduate Professional Education in Earthquake Engineering: An Integrated Approach Urban Lifeline Systems. Seismic Fragility. Nonstructural components. Critical Facilities. 921 Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake. Highway Bridges. Seismic Design. Ground motion prediction. Eastern North America. Fiber reinforced composites. Water supply systems. Advanced technology. Earthquake reconnaissance. Marmara, Turkey Earthquake, August 17, 1999. Earthquake engineering education. Educational outreach. Graduate education. Professional education.