97-0012 Evaluation of Simplified Methods of Analysis for Yielding Structures P. Tsopelas, M.C. Constantinou, C.A. Kircher and A.S. Whittaker 1997 University at Buffalo and University of California,Berkeley 190 PB98-128929 0 The study presented in this report is extremely relevant to the newly suggested Nonlinear Static Analysis Procedures suggested by FEMA 273 and 274. The report addresses, to a large extent, a simplified procedure using representation of inelastic structures by elastic structures with equivalent stiffness and damping properties. As demonstrated in this study, the method is suitable in predicting the actual inelastic response with some limitations. These limitations are well quantified and characterized, and bring confidence to the good estimates obtained by the simplified method, for the cases where the limiting factors are avoided. The work in this report is relevant to the use of highly effective energy dissipation systems (or added damping systems) which produce substantial reductions of damaging deformation in inelastic systems. This is a comprehensive parametric study which extends the previous exploratory, experimental and analytical studies done by the authors and other researchers at NCEER regarding use of passive energy dissipation in inelastic structures. (Abstract adapted from text). Nonlinear static analysis. National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP). Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings, 1997 edition. FEMA 273. FEMA 274. Pushover analysis. Energy dissipation systems. Added damping devices. Equivalent linear systems. Modal analysis. Simplified methods. Nonlinear response analysis. Yielding systems.