99-0002 Response History Analysis of Structures with Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems: Verification Examples for Program SAP2000 J. Scheller, M.C. Constantinou 1999 University at Buffalo 128 PB99-162869 25 SAP2000 is a recently released commercial structural analysis program with capabilities for dynamic analysis of structures with isolation and energy dissipation systems. This report presents five verification examples in which results obtained by SAP2000 are compared to experimental results and to results obtained by programs 3D-BASIS and ANSYS. Three of the examples involve seismically isolated structures, of which, one was tested on the shake table under conditions resulting in bearing uplift. The other two examples involve structures with linear and nonlinear fluid viscous energy dissipation devices, which were also tested on the shake table. In general, SAP2000 produced results in excellent agreement with other analysis programs and in good agreement with experimental results, except for the case of the structures tested with nonlinear viscous damping devices. In this case, SAP2000 underpredicted the displacement response of the structure. SAP2000. Dynamic analysis. Isolation systems. Energy dissipation systems. Shear-type frames. Toggle brace dampers. Liquid storage tanks. Friction pendulum isolation systems. Linear viscous fluid dampers. Nonlinear viscous fluid dampers. Modeling.