01-0002 Proceedings of the Second MCEER Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-2) Edited by M. Bruneau and D.J. Inman 2001 MCEER, University at Buffalo 338 PB2002-100434 35 This workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies was held in Las Vegas, 11/30-12/01, 2000. The workshop consisted of all plenary two-day sessions and was the second in a new series of MCEER workshops on advanced technologies. The workshop gathered 35 experts to explore the state-of-the-art and practice in advanced technologies for the seismic evaluation/retrofit of health care facilities with a particular emphasis on material and technologies for mitigating the risk of soil liquefaction, structural damage and non-structural damage. Separate technical sessions each offered 1) An overview presentation of the desirable seismic performance objectives of hospitals and retrofit strategies currently under investigation by MCEER; 2) Presentations illustrating examples of research conducted within that framework; 3) Presentations highlighting technologies that are or could meet the criteria stated in (1) and how they are used in non-earthquake engineering applications; 4) A broader overview of state-of-the-art in various technologies applicable to the earthquake engineering problem at hand; 5) Panel sessions for the researchers assigned to one of the three specified topics, where participants discussed how new technologies could be implemented; and 6) A summary session to report findings and recommendations reached during the workshop for each technical block. Health care facilities. Hospitals. Retrofitting. Nonstructural damage. Structural damage. Liquefaction. Damping. Semi-active control systems. Structural control. Piping systems. Critical systems.