02-SP09 Student Research Accomplishments: 2001-2002 Edited by Diego Lopez Garcia 2002 MCEER, University at Buffalo 146 PB2004-102519 5 This second issue of the Student Research Accomplishments from the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering (MCEER) features three areas of research: seismic evaluation and retrofit of lifeline systems, seismic retrofit of acute care facilities, and earthquake response and recovery. Full-length papers offered in this volume include: On the Calibration of the Specific Barrier Model to Eastern North America Earthquakes; On Seismic Source Spectra from Complex Earthquakes; Analytical Study on Rehabilitation of Critical Electric Power System Components; Steel Truss Bridge Braced Pier and Substructure, Assessment of Performance of Bolu Viaduct in the 1999 Duzce Earthquake; Displacement Estimates in Isolated Bridge Structures; Plastic Analysis and Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls, A Combined Honeycomb and Solid Viscoelastic Material for Structural Damping Applications; Ductile Fiber Reinforced Panels for Seismic Retrofit; Development of a Benchmark Model for Irregular Structures; A Strategy for the Optimization of Damper Configurations Based on Building Performance Indices; Probabilistic Evaluation of the Separation Distance Between Adjacent Systems; Experimental Investigation of P-Delta Effects to Collapse During Earthquakes; Investigation of Principal Axes in a Linear MDOF Structure; MCEER Hospital Demonstration Project; The Impact of the Y2K Threat on Hospital Emergency Preparedness; Elements of Community Resilience in the World Trade Center Attack; Analysis of a Damaged Building Near Ground Zero. Seismic evaluation. Lifelines. Critical facilities. Electric power systems. Birdges. Seismic performance. Damping. Seismic retrofit. Irregular structures. Complex earthquakes. Emergency preparedness. Sliding bearings. Existing structures.