99-0017 Quindio, Colombia Earthquake of January 25, 1999: Reconnaissance Report A.P. Asfura and P.J. Flores 1999 EQE International, Inc. 68 PB2000-106893 25 The report documents damage caused by the January 1999 earthquake that struck the region around Quindio in western Colombia. It begins with a brief summary of the seismological characteristics and statistics on deaths, injuries, number of buildings damaged, and economic losses. The region's tectonic setting is discussed, including a fault map and an epicenter map. The strong motion records are also examined. Brief descriptions and illustrations of damage to the following types of structures are provided: unreinforced masonry; concrete frames; residential buildings; guadua frames; and churches. Descriptions are given of damage to electric power systems, telecommunication facilities, water supply systems, roads, bridges, airports, industrial facilities, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations. An evaluation of the emergency response and temporary shelter is followed by a discussion of disaster recovery and reconstruction. The report concludes with an outline of the rebuilding strategies that have been adopted by the Fondo de Reconstruccion del Eje Cafetero (FREC). Quindio, Colombia earthquake, January 25, 1999. Damage. Regional tectonics. Strong motion records. Armenia, Colombia. Unreinforced masonry buildings. Concrete frame buildings. Unreinforced infill panels. Failure modes. Guadua frame buildings. Churches. Residential structures. Houses. Apartment buildings. Multistory buildings. Lifelines. Electric power distribution systems. Telecommuncation equipment. Water supply systems. Roads. Highway bridges. Airports. Industrial facilities. Hospitals. Fire stations. Emergency response. Disaster recovery. Temporary shelter. Reconstruction. Intraplate fault system.