94-0019 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Civil Infrastructure Systems Application of Intelligent Systems and Advanced Materials on Bridge Systems Edited by G.C.Lee, K.C.Chang 1994 NCEER, National Taiwan University 476 PB95-252474 40 The theme of this proceedings volume is the application of intelligent systems and advanced materials to bridges and elevated road systems, in the context of civil infrastructure systems development and renewal in the U.S. and Taiwan. The volume offers twenty-five technical papers, which cover a wide variety of topics. Two papers provide overviews of the 1994 state of the art in bridge design and construction in these two countries. A third reviews 1994 civil infrastructure research programs in the U.S. The remainder discuss new technology and methods, including advance shoring for span-by-span bridge construction, cable-stressed steel bridges, active and hybrid control systems, bridge monitoring systems, high performance concrete and high performance steel, concrete bridges, intelligent paint inspection systems, smart and self-compactable concretes, and knowledge based design systems.<BR> Civil Infrastructure Systems, Intelligent Systems, Advanced Materials, Bridges, Elevated Loads, Bridge Monitoring Systems, High Performance Steel, Self-Compactable Concrete, and High Performance Concrete.