93-0018 Engineering Aspects of the October 12, 1992 Egyptian Earthquake A.W. Elgamal, M. Amer, K. Adalier and A. Abul-Fadl 1993 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Cairo University 100 PB94-141983 15 On October 12, 1992 a moderate earthquake MB = 5.9 (Ms = 5.2) occurred about 18 km southwest of the center of Cairo and resulted in significant damage to numerous old and/or poorly constructed structures. Soil liquefaction associated with the occurrence of large sand-boils was observed close to the epicenter. In this study, the earthquake characteristics, along with typical examples of induced damaged, are discussed. The observed liquefaction mechanisms provide valuable information on the seismic response of Nile deposited alluvial soils, which cover much of the inhabited area of Egypt.<BR> Cairo, Egypt Earthquake, October 12, 1992, Middle East, Ground Failure, Seismicity, Sand Boils, Post-earthquake Investigations, Damage, Local Construction Practices, Liquefaction, Minarets, Alluvial Soils, Historical Monuments, Slender Structures, Unreinforced Masonry Buildings, and Earthquake Engineering.