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    • Artificial neural networks for pattern recognition in multilingual text. (Poster) 

      Evans, Caroline; Chen, Hao; Battleson, Brenda L.; Wölfel, Joseph K.; Woelfel, Joseph D. (2008-01)
      Neural networks are able to discover patterns in data; it need not be textual data. When a neural network is used to analyze textual data, however, it does not need grammar, heuristics, parsing or other linguistic artifacts ...
    • Procedures for the precise analysis of massive textual databases. 

      Hao, Chen; Evans, Caroline; Battleson, Brenda L.; Zubrow, Ezra B.; Woelfel, Joseph D. (2008-01)
      Unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks have been used in the analysis of text. In general, they provide richer, deeper and more finely detailed clusters than co-occurrence models because of their ability to consider ...