Recent Submissions

  • Tagging One Image at a Time: How Folksonomy Affected the Discovery of Images 

    Dillon, Catherine (2014-12-06)
    This paper seeks to investigate how the use of folksonomies by users and information professionals has affected the discovery of images on social platforms and in Web 2.0 environments. As more images from archives and ...
  • Key Figure: Henriette Avram 

    Dillon, Catherine (2013-10-28)
    A progressive leader of contemporary libraries, Henriette Avram, worked to develop a revolutionary program in cataloging systems, MARC. MARC is now currently the international standard for cataloging and has enabled the ...
  • Branch Libraries: Utilization & Administration 

    Dillon, Catherine (2014-04-27)
    An issue that has been explored in previous decades, centralization versus decentralization, is still very much alive in today’s academic library. In this position paper, this topic is revisited with a focus on the current ...