Recent Submissions

  • Perspectives on Scholarly Communication: Volume 1 

    Alexander, Matthew; Baker, Bridget; Carignano, Micaela; Cernik, Laura; Duka, Anita; Fox, Alijah; Gerstle, David; O'Neill, Matthew; Rabkina, Nina; Reda, Anthony; Schaefer, Sally; Schelemanow, Amanda; Snyder, Rebecca; Titus, Samuel; Windholz, Anne; Hollister, Christopher (University Libraries, 2019)
    Perspectives on Scholarly Communication: Volume One is a student-created open monograph. Graduate students in the University at Buffalo's Department of Information Science authored this compilation for the LIS 503: Scholarly ...
  • International Libraries: An Open Textbook 

    Reed, Amanda B.; Johnson, Sarah M.H.; Severson, Heather; Green, Michael; Rubin, Melissa L.; Windholz, Anne; Dehais, Celia J.; Taylor, Hannah; Gilligan, Sioban; Wong, Mien; Cernik, Laura E.; Davis, Matthew C.; Gates, Christine E.; Quinn, Mallory S.; Roberts, Deanna K.; Wejchert, Emily; Lynch, Kathleen; Harrington, Sarah R.; Duka, Anita; Montini, Tara E.M.; Schaefer, Sally; Hollister, Christopher (University Libraries, 2019)
    International Libraries: An Open Textbook is a reference sourcebook about the libraries and the field of librarianship in non-North American countries around the world. Each chapter in this volume includes a profile of a ...