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  • Criminal law: cases and materials, 4th ed. 

    Binder, Guyora (2014-03-07)
    Criminal Law: Cases and Materials, 4th ed. provides and interdisciplinary approach to the study of criminal law. The text addresses the purposes and limits of punishment and considers the meaning and types of crime. ...

    Gessner, Peter K. (2014-06-12)
    This is a zip file downloaded from the website on 6/11/2014. To execute it on a PC, unzip the file in a directory called: /home/uldmjl/websites/poland3. Open index.html to open the website.
  • UB Dissertations on Microfilm 

    Edens, John (2016)
  • Psychological mislabeling of chronic pain: Lessons from migraine in the 20th century 

    Pikoff, Howard B. (Future Medicine, 2016-11-24)
    Migraine and many other medical disorders were viewed as psychological problems in disguise for much of the 20th century. Starting with Freud, psychoanalytically oriented practitioners described a complex of unconscious ...